Engineering Workshop

A series of 45 minute workshops will help engineers in the early stages of their careers and new users of instruments find out more about different topics including calibration and laser measurement.

Experts will explain how instruments work and the applications they can be used in, and provide attendees with the opportunity to get hands-on with the latest technology and experience practical demonstrations from companies.

The full programme of workshops will be announced shortly.

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Confirmed sessions include:

‘Laser Tracker and Portable CMM Arm’ session
Led by Jason Edwards, Trescal

Trescal’s engineers can provide the expertise and support for data acquisition of large products including assemblies, fixtures, products and test fixtures. Capturing precise measurements, utilising portable and non-contact metrology equipment and demonstrating metrological traceability to national standards.

Attendees to this workshop can learn a little about: turn-key metrology engineering; non-contact measurement; metrological traceability; reverse engineering; jig assembly and recertification; and general inspection.

‘Non-contact Laser Measurement in Modern Metrology’ session
Led by Ian Seaton and Stuart Randall, Third Dimension

Metrology, once seen as a wasteful extravagance, is now becoming seen as integral to increasing quality, decreasing production time and reducing costs. Modern production is always demanding faster, easier to use methods of measuring, traditional contact methods are time consuming and prone to operator bias. 

Looking at specific applications from automobile manufacture and aerostructure construction to wind turbine fabrication, the workshop will explore the advantages of this handheld laser measurement technology. And, looking beyond handheld applications, describe how the same handheld applications can be migrated to robot-based solutions doing away the operator bias entirely.

‘Using thermal imaging for engineering applications’ session
Led by David Atkins, PASS & John Reynolds, FLIR Systems

Thermal imaging cameras are powerful and non-invasive tools for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of electrical and mechanical installations and are widely used for many R&D projects. With a thermal imaging camera you can identify problems early, allowing them to be documented and corrected before becoming more serious and more costly to repair. 

Visit the PASS Ltd workshop to gain an insight into thermal imaging. Topics covered will include: an introduction to thermal imaging; an overview of the challenges posed by using a thermal imager; taking thermal further than just a checking tool; complementary technologies and practical demonstrations and product overviews.

‘Environmental noise measurement systems and operation’ session
Led by Craig Storey, Cirrus Environmental

Environmental noise measurement covers a wide range of issues from noisy neighbours to the local factory waking you up at 3am. This talk will look at what environmental noise is, and what the challenges are in finding the correct equipment and systems to undertake the noise measurement you really need. 

This talk will specifically cover: what is environmental noise monitoring?; the challenges associated with the undertaking of environmental noise monitoring; the problems associated with remote monitoring equipment; ensuring data integrity; current and potential solutions to the problems faced by acoustics professionals in this area and the equipment and systems currently available.