Seminar Programme

Valuable knowledge and CPD points were on offer in the Sensors & Instrumentation 2018 seminar theatre as experts presented on topics, developments and issues at the forefront of the industry.

The 2018 programme was one of the most inspiring and exciting to date, with a range of speakers from leading companies taking part.

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Tuesday 25 September

Wednesday 26 September


Ocean Optics
Improving manufacturing outcomes with spectroscopy

Ocean Optics’ Henry Langston will discuss case studies of how spectroscopy technologies, a form of optical sensing, can improve manufacturing outcomes.

Myriad Group
Fast track connected product development

Myriad Group’s Neil Hamilton returns to provide real world insight into what is driving companies to connect their products to IoT platforms and how companies are doing this the smart way, based on the mistakes learned by the early pioneers.


Siemens GB&I
Data challenges and opportunities in the process industries

Quickly evolving markets and trends. High levels of competition. Innovative and disruptive technologies. Increased levels of manufacturing data. Digitalisation is changing our world, and data now becomes crucial to a plant and this is represented in the form of the ‘digital twin’. Siemens GB&I business manager for Process Control Solutions, Steve Leech, will explore the challenges and opportunities that data can bring.


Sensor City
The development of sensor technology

Alison Mitchell, executive director at Sensor City, will talk about how SMEs can use the Internet of Things (IoT) for business growth, and the importance of preparing for Industry 4.0.


Innovative Sensor Technology
Platinum temperature sensors for space applications

IST AG is the only approved supplier of ESA-qualified thin film platinum temperature sensors for space applications. Dr. Jiri Polak, chief sales officer at IST AG, will discuss European Space Agency (ESA) space sensors, the development process and an overview of the ESA qualification. 

Analog Devices
Solving the EMC design challenge

Today’s measurement and control systems vary in complexity, functionality and power requirements but all have at least one common requirement when sold into the wider market: Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC). EMC requirements are becoming increasingly restrictive to product development, and in this presentation Analog Devices’ Paul Worthington will explain the noise emissions in the power architecture of control and measurement systems, how to reduce these emissions and why these EMC Standards exist.


A case study on the importance of independent instrument evaluation

Tom Nobes presents case studies on the importance of independent instrument evaluations in instrument and control equipment selection decisions. This includes the risks and costs that can be avoided. The case studies are provided by Sellafield.


Microsoft & PTC
Hololens: practical examples of  “every day” transformation

Microsoft’s Chris Hardess and PTC’s Paul Haimes will update you on how organisations are leveraging HoloLens and vast amounts of IoT data to create significant gains for simulations, testing, design maintenance, operations and training scenarios. You will also be introduced to one of Microsoft’s partners, PTC, who are empowering the use of HoloLens with their Vuforia Augmented Reality Software.

The Defence and Security Accelerator

Innovation partner at DASA Andrew Peaty will give an overview of the Defence and Security Accelerator, including how people from industry and academia can get involved.


High temperature condition monitoring with a novel, flexible, thin film sensor

Daniel Irvine, Novosound, will present work that demonstrates fit and forget sensors, which have consistent output at elevated temperatures and are durable enough to withstand the industrial environment.

Design Partners
Designing Connected Experiences – How we envision, design and engineer instruments and tools for the future workplace

Mathew Bates, a design director in Design Partners, will provide insight into his team’s unique approach to designing successful connected product experiences. A multi-disciplinary team that combines unique skills such as world leaders in ergonomic industrial design, highly innovative mechanical engineering and digital interaction expertise. He will share a number of considerations he considers critical to creating the strongest solutions, using real examples to illustrate how Design Partners are thinking about the future of work.

*Seminar titles, synopses and speakers are subject to change.